"The Abominable Sruvius is a delightful story for both kids and adults. Storyline, characters, setting--all are fascinating and unique, interwoven with themes of courage, understanding and acceptance, supportive friendships, and pure ingenuity, all of which made me smile, genuinely proud of the characters."

--Kimberly Grenfell

Imagination Ether

Abominable Sruvius Cover

About the book

Ravma Sruvius, believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths, is the most hated figure in the history of the Var dominion.

According to legend, he built a secret weapon high in the loft of his mysterious laboratory, and used it to sink half the royal navy. He was captured soon after, but even dungeon walls couldn’t stop the rat-like villain from vanishing without a trace.

Now, twenty years later, after young Bergey Fenwick and his friends overhear a plot of invasion against their kingdom, they uncover a trail of clues leading to the only person who can save them—Ravma Sruvius himself. More powerful than ever, he now controls forces that make his last weapon look like a popgun by comparison.

But can Sruvius—callous, twisted, possessed of an overriding hatred for the king—be coerced into using his incredible scientific genius to save the dominion, or is he bent on destroying it?

Or is it possible that he has an entirely different agenda—something no one could ever have guessed?

Read an excerpt from the book.
Read chapter one from the sequel, The Sruvian Templex.

Hear Sruvius himself
Keibot game


In The Abominable Sruvius, there’s a brief reference to a game called Keibot. It's an actual board game with very simple rules and a colorful history dating back to the days the Sruvius family first appeared in the Var Dominion.

Learn more about Keibot.

praying mantis


Zankytes, the insect-like creatures that Sruvius uses to construct Bombasticus, were loosely modeled after praying mantises (or mantes).

Here’s a neat trick to do if you ever find one in the wild. Have one or more friends join you in gathering around the mantis. Get in good and close to where you can clearly see the pupils of its eyes. Now determine whom among you the mantis is staring at. You’ll be surprised!

Quaker gun

Battlefield Trickery

Many of the tricks perpetrated by General Chudwully in The Abominable Sruvius were actual tactics used during the American Civil War. A favorite was the Quaker gun, a fabrication of wood, logs and wagon wheels designed to mimic a canon. The deception often worked to keep enemy forces at bay.

Where to
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The Abominable Sruvius is available as an ebook or in paperback. If you don't have an ebook reader, you can get a free reader for Mac or PC at Adobe Digital Editions.

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